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Unique folk


There is no checklist in how we create.

There is, however, a running theme; 

extraordinary experiences in breathtaking

locations, great places to rest, all bursting with character, and the most amazing food, fresh from land and sea. Luxury Travel in Ireland doesn't get much better.

Irish DMC
DMC Ireland
Discover A Country, Full
Of Countryside

A small little Island sitting out on the Atlantic Ocean has some of the best countryside in the world.

A place, where the green goes on and on, where the culture is absorbing, a place where you can re discover the beauty of the world and an appreciation for those experiencing it with you. 

Your Ireland


Ireland is your active playground of culture, food, pubs, music, castles, and experiences. 

We narrow it down to help you decide where to spend your days enjoying the very best luxury experiences in Ireland. We combine the things you'd never find, the most exclusive places to stay with the best ways to play, learn, and explore from first light to lights out. 

A Different Approach

We champion places, off the beaten track, which sustain communities in rural locations, preserving local culture, history and traditions for future generations.

We will take you to place most people don't even know exist, and you will meet some of the best characters in Ireland along the way. 

We are


We are more than just a travel partner, we are a devoted team of lifestyle managers who will enhance your clients trip to Ireland, letting them enjoy the fun and adventure along the way.


Our reputation as one of the leading DMC's in Ireland, has been created through the execution of luxury experiences for clients from across the world.

Luxury Concierge

We operate like a luxury concierge service for your clients. With unparalleled access to the finest castles, villas, museums, galleries, musicians and chefs, our extraordinary team will create a amazing Irish vacation for your guests.

We assist with everything, we go beyond travel planning, to create experiences where little details make the difference. 

Imagine being up close and personal with the brushstrokes of a famous artist, sharing a room where a King and Queen once slept, or enjoying dinner at the foot of a famous monument.

Our immersive experiences allow dreams to be made a reality.  With Gather as your private travel agent partner in Ireland, everything will be looked after.

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Private Rental Experts

We have hand selected some of most unique private rental homes in Ireland.

The owners of these unique homes, not only want your guests to share their homes, they also want to share their most exclusive insights with your guests, local stories of history, culture, life, challenges and prosperity. 

Each of these luxury private homes in Ireland, has a distinct story to share and it is indeed the location that gives each home it's character. Ireland's best DMC will assist you in choosing a residence which is perfect.


"I have spread my dreams beneath your feet; Tread softly because you tread on my dreams"

William Butler Yeats
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Imaginative Event Experts

We create experiences that deliver employee, customer or peer engagement through experiences.

We work with US, UK & European based clients who are travelling to Ireland for their incentive trip. 

With Gather as your DMC in Ireland, we will deliver something amazing for you.

Choose one of Ireland's Top DMCs as your partner for your next event.


The Gather team create uniquee experiences which are immersive, culturally diverse, and fun.

We focus on quality over quantity; creating unique local experiences, meeting great Irish people, eating amazing foods and supporting the local economy. We believe, the longer guests spend doing this, the more meaningful the experience becomes.


Rather than just travelling around the country like a whirlwind, we create experiences which allow you to be fully immerse in the culture and better understand the country.

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