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What we do for you


Gather is a full-service Irish Destination Management Company. We are experts planners of Corporate and Incentive Travel to Ireland.

We create experiences that deliver employee, customer or peer engagement through experiences.

Whether you’re looking to cultivate meaningful interaction between Senior Management and employees, distributors, or your customers, you can be assured of an experience that delivers excitement, conversation, and friendship that will create lasting relationships.  We create programs right across the Island of Ireland. If you need a DMC in Dublin, a DMC in Belfast or elsewhere on the Island, we can assist.

Find yourself again
Program Design & Creation

Each program is completely customised to your goals, travel plans, and the interests of your group to ensure your experience is entirely unique to you. 

In Ireland, we have a long-held belief that you can’t find Ireland. You must let it find you.

Start the search for your Ireland today with the help of the GATHER team - the best DMC in Ireland.

Years of Destination Management in Ireland have helped us understand what it takes to create really special corporate & Incentive trips to Ireland.

Creating Uniqness

Great experiences are about discovering great places and meeting great people. Ireland is rich in great characters who create great experiences and memories for your clients. The Gather team will take them off the beaten track to discover really unique parts of Ireland.

Meeting local farmers, historians who have learned from stories passed down through the generations and visiting areas of stunning natural beauty. 

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And some time make the time to drive out west Into County Clare, along the flaggy Shore,

Seamus Heaney
Exclusive Dining

Choosing the perfect venue for an exclusive dining event can be one of the most rewarding parts of an event. Seeing the amazing faces, or the excited chatter when they enter the venues is often one of the highlights of our role. 

These venues are talked about for many years afterward as the abiding memory of the trip.


There are many unique locations across the Island of Ireland, where we can create amazing dining experiences. Be that a 15th-century Cathedral, a  world-famous brewery, in a cave or on a clifftop overlooking the ocean, we will assist you in choosing the perfect location. 

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The GATHER team has spent the past 15 years discovering Ireland's best entertainers.


As your Irish DMC partner, we will present a wide range of entertainment options to suit the theme of the trip and the budget available. We work with a variety of entertainers from a relaxed one-man band to full orchestras.

When you are planning a trip to Ireland you will be considering areas of high impact. Entertainment has always been an incredible impact on the Irish incentive programs we have operated. Choosing the right entertainment option for each key point of your trip is central to the program. 


We have included just a few of 200 entertainers, we work with. It will give you a sense of what your Irish Incentive program could include. 

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Luxury Cars from Above
Transport & Logistics

Transportation does not end at luxury coaches but goes all the way to private cars, chartered trains, and helicopters. We make sure that the journey is part of the experience – including the managing of the intricate logistics.


Experience Irish culture and discover the unique history of Ireland with our expert guides. We will carefully choose the best guide for your needs.

They have experience in delivering comprehensive sightseeing tours each tailored to the interests of the attendees.

We have a team of travel professionals, who connect each attendee with Ireland through their local knowledge,  stories, and facts.

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Activities & 
Team building

Maybe your team would benefit from some time together away from the office or perhaps you may want to improve morale. We deliver memorable team-building events that realise your objectives and will help bring your team closer together.

As one of Irelands's best DMC's, we offer a wide range of creative and entertaining team building activities that deliver lasting experiences.

The activities are designed to help draw teams closer together, communicate key messages, and highlight key learning points. Our aim is to help you create or maintain a strong, motivated, and unified workforce.

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