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Passed through the generations
Find yourself again
Delicate Fabrics
Inspired by the landscape

The wild landscapes that stretch the length of the Island of Ireland, along the coastline, through the hidden heartlands to Ireland’s ancient east provide the foundation for the creation of some
stunning materials and incredible inspiration.
When you walk through the Wicklow Mountains or you drive through Connemara or you wonder at the creation of the Burren, it’s easy to see why some many people draw inspiration from the landscape.

BlendingHeritage & Modernity

Many of the producers retain their heritage brands, but they have created modern pieces which sit effortlessly beside them, engaging a new generation of lovers of Irish Linen and wool.
The landscape is still very much the inspiration and the heritage is not forgotten in these pieces. The colours of the sea and mountains around me are mirrored in the designs, the effortless flow of the landscapes is evident in the styles, and the strength of the Subtle changes have created an elegance and simplicity which connects the designs with “now”.

House of Waterford Crystal, Co_master (2
Meet the maker

In a world of mass production and similarity, it is really refreshing to meet a unique creator, to understand how they draw inspiration, the materials the choose for their creations and how they make them. Going behind the scenes to meet the wonderful ceramicists, artists, weavers and perfumers.  help you appreciate the incredible attention given to each creation.

The fabrics have a very strong root in nature. You can literally see the linen and wool is part of the land.

sadie-perfume-pouring (2).jpg
Create just for you

Throughout Ireland, we work with partners who will create a one-off piece to suit your style. 

You may want a family heirloom, a milestone gift or something just for you...because we all like nice things, especially when no one else has one!

Let us connect you with some of our friends who will create your story in fabric, scent or material you love.

fill your heart with Ireland
unnamed (4).jpg
A nation of creators

Ireland is just bursting with creativity right now. We are known for wool sweaters, linen napkins and whiskey! 

But there is so much more to discover beyond the surface. Brilliantly creative jewellers, artists creating the most incredible pieces, weavers who have brought traditions into the 21st century and so much more. 

Outside Ireland, few realise just how good the creative scene is. We can help you discover it.

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