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We are facing a climate emergency. Temperatures are rising, ice caps are melting and urgent action must be taken in order to slow the harmful warming of our wonderful world.

Our mission to rewild the nation starts with you; for every booking we take, we work with local groups who are working to support and restore our ecosystems and in turn drawing carbon back into the ground.

What is Rewilding
Why we want to Rewild

Rewilding is a progressive approach to conservation, offering hope for a richer living planet that can once more fill our lives with wonder and enchantment.

It’s all about allowing nature to take care of itself, enabling natural processes to shape the land and sea, repairing our damaged ecosystems and restoring degraded landscapes. Through rewilding, wildlife’s natural rhythms can step back into beat, creating wilder, more diverse habitats which benefit our planet and communities.

We think it’s time to give something back, to nurture the land on which our homes reside and to secure a future for generations to come. 

Over 31,000 species have been documented for Ireland. Species diversity in Ireland is maintained because of the variety of habitats and environmental conditions available for plants and animals to live and reproduce. This diversity of species is threatened because of human induced changes leading to the reduction of habitat quality and general environmental degradation. For the taxonomic groups for which formal conservation assessments have been completed we know that, on average, 2,450 species are now a conservation concern in Ireland, 272 are threatened with extinction. They include 140 plants, 11 vertebrates and 121 invertebrates, including species like the small blue butterfly, the cuckoo bumblebee, the curlew and spiny dogfish.

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